Recruitment Process - First Responders

Initial Enquiry Forms Return to:
Post: 3 Church Farm Close, Penkridge, Staffordshire, ST19 5LY

Enhanced DBS ClearanceFirst Responders will respond to home addresses within their community and have access to confidential information. For this reason, all our volunteers undergo an enhanced DBS check before joining PAD CFR.

Informal InterviewThis is an informal meeting with a West Midlands Ambulance Service Community Response Manager. Volunteers are encouraged to ask any questions that have not yet been answered.

TrainingAll Community First Responders complete the WMAS equivalent of the IHCD First Person on Scene Award over several weekends. Training is currently being updated and you will be advised asap of commitment expected

CFR's will then have to complete two observation shifts with Ambulance Crews or a Rapid Response Paramedic.

Penkridge and District Round Table
Hodson Ford
Staffordshire County Council
Stafford Aero Club